• Курсы наличных валют:
  • USD/BYN 2.0900 | 2.0990
  • EUR/BYN 2.3450 | 2.3600
  • 100RUB/BYN 3.2600 | 3.2850
  • ( Все курсы )

Deposits, placement of free money resources

CJSC “RRB-Bank” offers its customers the opportunity to place temporarily free funds in USD, EUR and RUB. The rate depends on the amount and the term (from one day to several years). Money resources can be placed in the form of the contribution (deposit), maintenance of not reduced rest on the rated (current) account, registrations of the loan agreement.

Deposit amount (contribution) or loan is not limited, it is possible to deposit the prepayment (deposit) or its part, a well-established mechanism for the return of resources, prolongation of the contract on new or previous conditions, the possibility of replenishment of the deposit amount on the terms of the previously concluded contract.

If desired, theplacement of free money resources can be coordinated in the individual order with the client.

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Visa Infinite

Показатель высокого статуса

Visa Platinum

Показатель высокого статуса

Visa Gold

Премиальная карта

Visa Classic

Практичный инструмент безналичной оплаты товаров и услуг

Visa Classic «Детская»

Детская карта - взрослые преимущества!

«Моцная картка»

"Моцная картка" - дисконтная программа с приятными скидками и бонусными предложениями:)